Monday, February 16

elliot's birthday party

Monday, February 16

here are some pics from elliot's birthday party at medieval times.

waiting to enter the arena

adam got the kids wooden swords

i love this pic of elliot, chris (adam's brother), and jenn (chris's girlfriend)!

it wouldn't be medieval times without some sword fighting!!

watching the action

the birthday boy: confused that it was over.

lucy cheered her little heart out for our knight...but alas, i guess it just wasn't his turn to win. lucy's favorite part of the night was the horses, and the princess. at first, the noise was too much for elliot, because he kept his hands over his ears, but then he got into it. everyone had a great time, and the food was AWESOME!! (we had the vegetarian meal, and even adam's brother said it looked better than the meat meal!)

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