Saturday, February 21

new glasses for me!!!

Saturday, February 21

i went to the eye doctor today to get checked out and to get some MUCH NEEDED new specs! (my current ones are so old that the lens coating is start to deteriorate, making it very difficult to see through them.)

i wanted so desperately to pick out some fabulously UNIQUE frames with hot pink and neon green, or rainbow stripes or something. but alas, while they DID have such frames available, none of them quite fit my face. in the end it came down to 2 possible frames.

the first: my old standard. rounded square black plastic frames.

the second: a dark and light brown marble-y frame with bright neon green on the inside. (they were a little crooked when i took the pic, but display frames aren't 100% accurate when it comes to fit)

i sent the pics to adam, and after a vote of 4 to 1 by adam, lucy, elliot, adam's mom, and adam's brother, i decided on the first pair! my old standby: black plastic frames! (the marble and green glasses were AWESOME, and i reeeally wanted to get them, but they were just a tad too big for my face. oh well, maybe next time.)

i'm not surprised that i ended up chosing the black plastics, because they are basically the same style frames i've been wearing since high school. i've strayed here and there in the past 10 years or so, but i always come back to them, because no other kind of frame fits me like a glove quite like my black plastic frames. they're not too wide, not too narrow, not too big, not too small. they may not be eccentric, but i have never found eccentric frames with a shape that fits my face as perfectly as simple black plastic frames! (if you couldn't tell, my glasses are VERY important to me!! i wouldn't go so far as to say that they "define me", but they've definitely been like an extra appendage on my face.)

on a more business-ey note, i should probably mention the new wedding promotion that i'm offering right now. it's my "love is in the air!" promotion! for a limited time, any custom created wedding package is now 30% off!! so for all those couples who just got engaged over valentine's day weekend, or for the couples who were waiting for their tax refunds to start booking their wedding, this promotion was inspired by YOU!!

good luck and congratulations to ALL the engaged couples out there!!

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Amy said...

I like them! Choosing glasses is so difficult. I apparently have a narrow bridge (who knew one could have such a thing?), so the cute frames I love never quite work. While I like the color of the funky marbly glasses, I think the shape of the first pair suits you very well!

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