Monday, February 23

too much caffeine + too late at night = this post

Monday, February 23

last night i consumed far too much caffeine after dinner. usually, i can handle large amounts of caffeine with no problem, and still fall asleep at night. but, for some reason last night, my brain was racing a mile a minute, and i couldn't slow it down. and as i lay in bed, trying desperately to fall asleep for what seemed like hours, my mind started to wander and consider various theories and hypotheses for scientific experiments that i would never in a million years be able to test or perform, because the technology needed to perform them only exists...well, in my imagination. yet, i performed them in my head, and gathered imaginary data that i used to draw my conclusions.

when i woke this morning, and thought back on the late night experimentations that went on in my head the night before, it made me wonder why i didn't pay more attention, or participate more in science class. in high school the 2 subjects i always enjoyed the most were math and art. (while my friends were all taking geometry and algebra, i was taking trigonometry. then i took ceramics, sculpture, and jewelery my senior year. and of course, photography my freshman, junior, and senior years.) it wasn't until i met adam that i realized how interesting science is! i started watching star trek, documentaries about the universe and the human body, and i may even start to read his book explaining string theory. (he's reading it right now, so i'll have to wait.)

i definitely concede that i would NOT be the person i am today were it not for my geeky, nerdy, smarty-pants, cartoon-faced husband. ; ) 8 years ago, today, was when we started officially dating, and we have LITERALLY seen each other every single day since!

happy dating anniversary, adam!

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Anonymous said...

good thing you remember dates like this. i have a hard enough time remembering our wedding anniversary, your birthday, and when garbage day is.

Sherah said...

8 years, and you've seen each other every day? That is an incredible accomplishment :) Congratulations!

(It sounds like you fit each other to a "T". And Marcia, I am totally impressed by your sleepless thoughts. If I can't sleep, I think about food, or shopping, or my to-do list. Definitely not scientific experiments!)

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