Friday, February 6

pictage directory listing for me = $50 gift certificate for YOU!

Friday, February 6

effective immediately, pictage has begun a new campaign to drive traffic to the new and improved photographer directory. not only is my listing more dynamic and informative, but all NEW bookings will receive a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE to use on prints and other pictage products!!! all you have to do is book a wedding, portrait session or event with me, then simply report your booking to pictage. EASY AS PIE!!

here's a glimpse of my listing...

pretty sweet, huh?

this deal is good for all wedding, and non-wedding bookings!

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4 comments (don't be shy...i LOVE comments!):

Sherah said...


(Your listing looks great!)

marcia tumminaro said...

thanks! i think you're just saying that cause there's a photo of you looking gorgeous from your wedding. ;)

Jaime said...

Hi Marcia!

I tried to sign up for this, but it won't let me for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks!

I love following your blog, btw! Your pictures are gorgeous!

(Jaime - May 30th)

marcia tumminaro said...

Jaime, The Pictage promotion is for new clients who have found/booked me via their new photographer directory campaign. Unfortunately, it can't be applied for my clients that were booked before the campaign. :( I'm so sorry!

I'm glad that you enjoy following the blog!! :) I can't wait for the snow to melt so I can see you guys again for our engagement session!

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