Friday, February 6

the eyes have it!

Friday, February 6

i took these shots today while i was playing with my camera. i have to say that, [without sounding biased, of course], lucy and elliot have to be some of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL kids in the universe!!!

here's lucy right before her bath. her hair is getting SOOO LOOOOOOONG!! as you can see she still has a little mark where elliot scratched her a few days ago. but, don't worry, it's healing quite nicely.

and here's elliot with that classic elliot zombie stare. but he has some of the most gorgeous blue-gray eyes!! (alright, so you can't tell the color since this shot is black and white, but i assure you, they are blue-gray, and they are handsome!)

i guess i'm just having one of those days, where i am amazed at the two little lifeforms i have created!!

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Sharon (aspiring photographer) said...

Just a blog stalker here. I wanted to let you know that your children are beautiful, and so are these pictures of them!

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