Thursday, February 5

blast from the past: vol. 3

Thursday, February 5

well, i've taken another dip into my wedding archives, and dusted off some of angel and rosemary's photos from their wedding at the GORGEOUS white pines inn on july 29, 2007. rosemary is such a positive and inspirational woman! her wedding was gorgeous and so much fun, but her wedding day had MORE than it's fair share of struggles, delays, and drama. not to mention the personal and physical struggles she went through before and after her wedding day. she could have easily given up, and let things negatively affect her, but NO! she takes things in stride, and remains upbeat

i just adore rosemary...and not just because she makes my face turn red when she gushes over how much she loves my photography! : )

oh, and i forgot to mention, rosemary's two favorite things (besides her handsome husband, angel) are: pink and hello kitty! she had a pink wedding dress that was SO HER!! : )

the bridal suite was within walking distance of the ceremony site, so angel came to walk her down to the alter. it was so romantic!

during the walk to the alter, rosemary became so filled with emotion that she had to stop and give angel the longest, and sweetest hug! all i can think when i look at that photo is "awwwww!!"

white pines inn is filled with AMAZING and GORGEOUS landscapes! i love this shot of the two of them!

angel was so loving and attentive to rosemary! here he is helping her with her bustle

playing with a little sun flare is always fun!

i don't think i will EVER be able to forget angel and rosemary!! they are just one of those couples that stand out, and inspire me not to sweat the small (or big) stuff! thank you angel and rosemary!! i wish you nothing but the VERY BESTEST!!

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