Wednesday, January 28

under the weather

Wednesday, January 28

the kids and i have been a little under the weather the past week or so. lucy was a little sick before the party, and elliot and i have inevitably followed suit. (i'm pretty sure adam's coming down with the same thing too, and he'll probably join us soon.)

so, while i've been feeling yucky, i started working on some more photoshop actions, and tweaking the ones i made before. oh, and i've been catching up on some of my DVR'd shows.

unfortunately, i'm not going to have much relaxation time left. now that it's almost february, it's time to start planning elliot's 3rd birthday party!! we'll probably spend it at medeival times in schaumburg. it took me a little while to get SOLD on the idea, but elliot's really into swords and fighting and all that other boy stuff! i haven't been there since adam and my first (or maybe second) dating anniversary. and let me tell you, it has gotten REALLY expensive since then! but, at least they have a vegetarian option now. so, that'll be good.

anyway, i'm kinda stoked to go with the kids, because it'll be fun to watch everything through their eyes!! things like this are usually more fun with the kids.

well here's a pic of the soon-to-be-3-year-old

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