Thursday, January 29

just for fun

Thursday, January 29

since i've been working my little tookis off trying to create actions, i decided it was high time i relax, and have some fun in photoshop. so, i chose some old and some new pics of the kids, and just started playing around with them.

i'm working on some new photoshop techniques, and let me say...i am LOVING THEM!!

this is a pic of lucy from the other day. i love the way their bedroom wall color matches her coat!

this one is from today. i was giving elliot a bath, and he looked so cute, i had to run to grab my camera! (i also love the effect on this one. it's a combination of my own actions and TRA2 actions.)

this is probably my favorite of all these photos!! it was taken this past summer, at my in-law's

this was also at my in-law's house, and i can't quite remember what we were celebrating, but lucy was having a good time with the balloons!

elliot was playing on the steps of the house next to my in-laws...the one everyone wants us to buy if/when it becomes available.

lucy looks gorgeous in her lip smackers lip gloss

ok, well, i think i'm done playing around in photoshop...for now. : )

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