Monday, January 26

happy b-day mommy!

Monday, January 26

yesterday was my mom's birthday, so to celebrate we threw a little party at our house! the stars of the day were definitely the kids. all the grandkids were there, and they all had a blast playing together!

i didn't take too many photos yesterday, but here are a couple pics of the kids:

lucy LOVES charlie and lola. so my sister-in-law read to her and my niece. and yes, it appears as though they were both picking their noses at the same time!

lucy, elliot, and my dad had fun playing with the USA talking puzzle they got for xmas.

here's all the grandkids. this pic was my mom's only birthday request.

here's a few cute ones of my niece playing with the kitchen set.

my nephew has the BIGGEST eyes!!

i love this shot of lucy!! i saw her laying on the couch, with elliot's pants as a pillow, intently watching super mario bros. super show. (if you grew up in the 80's you might remember that show. it's almost PAINFUL to watch it now, but i remember LOVING it when i was little.)

it was nice to have the family over yesterday. since we live so far away from them, it's not often we're able to get everyone together at our house.

all in all, i'm pretty sure my mom had a great day.

happy birthday mommy!!!

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