Wednesday, January 21

these are a few of my favorite things...

Wednesday, January 21

besides motherhood and photography, i have loads of favorite things that make me HAPPY! such as...

vegetarian sushi makes me REALLY happy!! my favs: kappa maki (a.k.a. cucumber sushi roll) and oshinko rolls (a.k.a. pickled radish sushi roll). my favorite restaurant to order said sushi: bowl house in rolling meadows!

the game spore!!!

music makes me happy! bands like the beatles, rilo kiley, and cursive...(just to name a few)

pink and green things make me happy. (i'm sure you never would have guessed that!)

NPR makes me think...which in turn makes me HAPPY. i listen to npr every morning. mostly all things considered, fresh air, and the diane rehm show.

converse shoes make me happy. especially if they're stripped or pink...or both! every outfit looks better with a pair of chucks!

good and/or funny tv makes me happy. shows that i've followed since episode 1: scrubs, dexter, and pushing daisies...(just to name a few)

my zune makes me HAPPY!!!

SINGING MAKES ME HAPPY!! at the top of my lungs while driving, cleaning, cooking, or doing just about anything! before a wedding, i usually rock out to a variety of songs in my car. my secret fantasy is to start a band with adam...the only problem is that i get a wicked case of stage fright at the thought of playing in front of people. which is why i prefer to live out my fantasy playing rock band! i'm AWESOME at rock band!

the things people like say a lot about what kind of person they are. i wonder what my favorite things say about me! : )

what are YOUR favorite things?

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Sherah said...

Great post; can I take a shot at what your fav. things say about you? ...among other things, you're edgy, funky, someone who likes lots of flair, knows how to have fun, and thinks hard without taking yourself too seriously. In a very good way.


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