Sunday, February 1

shameless promotion

Sunday, February 1

as some of you know, i would not have my business or the life that i have if it weren't for my husband...adam. he works his tookus off so that i can live my dreams of being a stay-home-mommy/photographer! so, it's about time i do some shameless promotion for some of his personal endeavors.

for the past few years now, adam and his developer friend have been creating from the ground up a site called project truck. this combines adams 2 favorite things...trucks + developing. it's still not finished...mainly because they only have little pockets of time here and there to work on it. but, people have already signed up for pre-registration! when it's done it's going to kick ROYAL tail!!

but, in the meantime, adam and his friend have created an off-shoot little project. it's been around for quite some time now, and i'm only now mentioning it, because, well, i figured it was high time i start promoting the awesome things adam does.

it's called "the daily me" (a.k.a. "project me"), and it's like a mini-blog that you share with your friends. since your "daily me's" are short, you can view all your friend's daily me's at once, and comment on what they all have to say. you can also check out everyone's ME's, comment, and if you're on the road, you can post from your cell phone or other mobile device. it's completely free, and totally fun! AND you can create as many ME's on one account as you want! when you sign up, you can invite your friends to view your ME, by clicking "Invite" and entering their e-mail address. you can also create an igoogle or netvibes widget!

here's a screen shot of my ME. i'm subscribed to adam, and a few of his/my friends. each box is a different person's ME.

if you DO decide to sign up, please send me an invite to your ME! (you can send the invitation to the more people that join in, the MORE fun it's going to be!!

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