Monday, February 2

blast from the past: vol. 2

Monday, February 2


well, i had so much fun re-processing elizabeth and ryan's photos, that i thought i'd do it again. this time it's brett and tania's turn! they were married june 16, 2007, and they have a special place in my heart because they were my VERY FIRST EVER wedding booking! when i met with them in the summer of 2006, i was nervous and excited at the same time. i even showed up 45 minutes early, to be on the safe side! and as i scoped out the grounds of their wedding venue, (whisper creek golf club), i wanted so desperately to book their wedding because everything was simply gorgeous. when they arrived, my stomach was in knots, and at first i had a hard time finding my words. but, they are such a warm and inviting couple, that i began to feel at ease. they booked me on the spot, and i was on cloud nine! they were the couple that got the ball rolling, and i will always be grateful, and remember them and their beautiful wedding!!

i met up with tania and her twin sister at a friend's salon at 7:00AM!

i love tania's shades!

a little texture never hurt! : )

they are such a gorgeous couple!

after everyone left the reception, tania, brett and i walked around around the grounds for some portrait time. they planned their wedding day so perfectly that their reception ended while there was still gorgeous light! i had so much fun, and it was definitely one of the most relaxed and unrushed bride/groom portraits! i've always loved this shot, but i think i love it even more now!!

thanks again brett and tania! and i hope you guys are doing well in your new colorado home!!

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