Saturday, January 31

blast from the past

Saturday, January 31

so, what does a photographer do during the off season? well, besides making appointments to meet up with new/potential clients, i've done a lot of developing actions and photographing my own kiddos. but, i've decided to add another fun activity to the mix! i've decided to dive into my wedding vault, look through my old photos, and polish some of the dusty gems.

so....the first wedding up to bat is ryan and elizabeth's. they were married may 27, 2007 at the fabulous pazzo's cucina in chicago. ryan and elizabeth are gorgeous, classic, and sophisticated...and by far the tallest couple i've ever photographed! when i photographed their wedding, i only had my canon rebel xt, and limited lenses in my bag. but their photos turned out to be some of my favorites from that year!

for these images, i re-processed them using a combination of TRA, TRA2, and my own personal actions. if you're a photographer are you're not using TRA or TRA2...YOU SHOULD BE!! they rock my socks off!! the boutwells are quite the photoshop geniuses!

(can-o-whoopass, shadow separator, my own selective color bump, and my bw rockin it)

i love this shot of elizabeth!
(highlight separator, lux (soft), my own detail bump, and my contrast bump)

pazzo's cucina has GORGEOUS palm trees, and GREAT lighting!!! i would LOVE to shoot there again!!
(can-o-whoopass, shadow separator, wish you were here, grandma's tap shoes, and my color/contrast bump)

claire-ify, TDW, shadow separator, yin/yang

highlight separator, can-o-whoopass, claire-ify, derelicate, lux (soft), yin/yang, my own detail bump

walking around downtown. i know this shot is slightly out of focus, but i loved the sunbeams!!
(claire-ify, can-o-whoopass, derelicate, my own detail bump, my own selective color bump)

happy trails to them!!
(claire-ify, shadow separator, lux (soft) yin/yang, can-o-whoopass, my own detail bump)

putting my current creative spin on my past work sure is fun!! i definitely think i'll do it again, sometime.

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