Wednesday, January 14

the price of living in rural belvidere

Wednesday, January 14

belvidere, il is a hodge-podge of just about every type of neighborhood. there's the suburban/middle class neighborhoods, the downtown urban neighborhoods, the BAD/broken down neighborhoods, the farms/countryside neighborhoods, the rich/gated neighborhoods, and our neighborhood: a mixture of rural and suburban. our house is near the outskirts of belivdere, near farm country. the benefit of this is that it's quiet, we've got a nice chunk of land, and at night you can look up and see every single star in the sky, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!! it's GORGEOUS!! but, the price of this is that we don't always have the best service when it comes to road maintenance...(i.e. snow plows in the winter time). and while we've been able to manage it the past few years, due to mild winters, it's become quite the problem this winter! in fact, the other day we saw one of our neighbors plowing the street with the plow attachment on his john deere riding lawn mower!

driving lucy to and from school has proved to be a dangerous adventure each and every day. but no day has been as slippery, and slidey as today! it was SOO bad, that after dropping her off at school, i just stayed in the parking lot until dismissal! (we live 30 minutes away from her school, and ALL the roads were AWFUL!)

here's some pics from my camera phone of the unplowed, dangerous roads. (i took them on our way home.)

well, this one i took while waiting in the parking lot. (i just thought the sky looked beautiful)

here's a road a few minutes from our house

it was roughly noon and this was the first plow truck to come around! i had to stop as he passed, because that huge cloud of snow nearly blinded me!

an intersection near my house. (i rolled down the window to get a clearer shot.) can you tell which is the busy road, and which is the lesser-used road? (the sky was really THAT blue! that's the other bonus of living where we live, it's just so GORGEOUS all the time!)

this is our street. as you can see it doesn't look very plowed.

well, we made it home safe and sound! luckily, lucy only has school 3 days a week!

i wish you ALL safe driving this winter!!

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Amy said...

Beautiful skies, indeed! It's definitely been a rough winter this year. Hope the streets are cleared soon!

Sherah said...

That's nuts! I've also heard that towns have cut back on snowplowing, due to the economy... not good! Glad you're home safe :)

marcia tumminaro said...

i think the bigger problem is that the plows aren't throwing down salt, or even sand to help melt the snow.

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