Monday, January 12

back seat photographer

Monday, January 12

yesterday was adam's mom's birthday. as a present, my sister-in-law suggested a family portrait with all the kids and grandkids. so, she booked an appointment at a local studio. now, i'm not exactly a fan of studio portraits with traditional poses (i prefer relaxed portraits in natural surroundings). but these photos were going to be a gift for my mother-in-law who IS a fan of studio portraits. (and she ended up loving her present!)

we took different groupings of everyone, and here is one of my family...
(every time i get studio portraits, they always put me in this position. it's probably cause i'm so short.)

quick rant: ok, so one of the problems i have with studio portraits is that in most cases the photographer treats it like just a job. they get up, drive to work, use their textbook poses, go home and probably never think about the clients they've photographed again. there's no emotional investment for them, it's not even their own business or reputation on the line! and when a photographer is not invested in their work, it SHOWS! many of our photographer's poses were unbalanced and awkward. also, in the larger shots of everyone, you can see the edge of the background and the wall behind us. i mean, it's nothing i can't fix in photoshop, but to pay what we paid and have to photoshop things like that ourselves, seems...unprofessional.

check out the corners:

by the end of the session, my cheeks had gotten quite a workout from keeping that smile so long.

anyway, i think studio photography has it's market, i only wish that more studio photographers actually CARED about their work.

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