Thursday, January 15

snow day

Thursday, January 15

this morning started like any other.

at 6:15 am the alarm clock wails jimmy eat world's clarity album, and i proceed to hit the snooze button until 6:45. then, i sit up, roll out of bed, and go to lucy's room to rouse her. luckily she's been taking her baths at night, which i've learned saves LOADS of time and frustrations in the morning. i help her pick out her clothes for the day. then quickly get myself ready. when i'm finished, i get lucy and elliot's breakfast, and check my morning e-mails. they eat, then afterward i get elliot dressed and ready. we all suit up in our warmest winter duds, head to the van, brave the -17 degree weather, and we're off to school.

35 minutes later we arrive at lucy's school, only to find a half empty parking lot. school has evidently been canceled.

now, in the past lucy's school sends e-mails at around 5:00 am if they plan to close. and on the way to school i'm tuned into NPR which lists any and all local school closings...just in case they forget to send out the e-mail. but today i received no word of spectrum's closing.

i was a bit annoyed...but having the rest of my day free has been refreshing!

funny how things work out sometimes.

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