Tuesday, November 4

i voted!!!

Tuesday, November 4

well, i got a super de-duper early start this morning...as a result of the fact that i forgot to change my alarm clock for day light savings time.  (after i took my shower, and woke lucy up, i went into the kitchen, only to realize that i was an hour ahead of schedule.)

so, after taking my time for the remainder of the morning, i dropped lucy off at school, and headed to the polling place.  i know that the area i live is technically considered "rural", although it really doesn't feel that way in my neighborhood, i was reminded why it's considered rural as i was driving to my polling place.  i'm used to passing corn fields and farms on a regular basis, but today i drove on dirt roads to get to my tiny polling place that was one single building drowning in a sea of corn fields.  so, i guess my area of town does deserve to be labeled "rural".

when i got home, i decided to take some pics of my "i voted" sticker: 

anywho, i voted, and so should you!!

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