Sunday, November 2

belated halloween pics

Sunday, November 2

so, i know that i'm a little late, but i wanted to post a few halloween pictures....

superadam to the rescue!

i bought elliot a superman costume, but when i put it on him, he was NOT having it AT ALL! so, instead, he donned adam's army hat, a toy gun, and some camo shoes, and that became his costume. hey, it's better than nothin! here he is trick-or-treating at adam's grandparent's house.

i like this one. although...adam isn't what i would call a "willing subject"

lucy decided to be daphne from scooby doo. when we got to adam's parent's house, and started to go trick-or-treating, lucy did NOT want to go. in fact, she made us turn around and go back. so i convinced her to go to only the houses owned by tumminaros. (there are 7 on the same street, and they're all next door to each other.) well, once lucy figured out that going to people's houses resulted in the receiving of candy and other related treats, she all of a sudden overcame her fears, and started running to the next house...

in front of adam's parent's house. he's just too cute to be tough!

lucy's main reason for wanting to be daphne for halloween, was because she really just wanted to wear a wig. unfortunately, we found out (a little to late) that this wig was a little too small. so, it was only able to rest on her head, and it didn't actually cover her own hair. but, she still looked cute.

we all had a fun time, and after some reverse psychology action, so did lucy! : )

hope everyone else had a happy halloween, too!!

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Sherah said...

Looks like you've got an up-and-coming supermodel on your hands!! Check out Lucy's pose in that last pic! TOO adorable :)

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