Saturday, November 1

lucy's first school picture!

Saturday, November 1

yesterday was not only halloween, but the day her teachers passed out her school pictures!!

lucy looks A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E (fake smile and ALL!).

but even professional pictures can stand to be "kissed" in photoshop....

funny/lucky story:
a few weeks before picture day, the order forms went out, and we were able to choose which background color we wanted. so, i asked lucy what she wanted, and she picked purple. the actual date of her school's picture day just happened to be on lucy's birthday! well, that morning, i let lucy pick out what she wanted to wear for her birthday. she chose the outfit that my mother-in-law had just given her the weekend before. lucky thing was...i had COMPLETELY forgotten that her birthday was ASLO picture day...until I was walking her to her classroom and saw the photographer's set-up right outside her classroom door! and the fact that her birthday outfit PERFECTLY matched the background we had chosen a few weeks before was pure LUCK!!!

ok, so i'm a little forgetful sometimes...Ooops!

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