Friday, October 17

lucy is 5!!

Friday, October 17

tuesday was lucy's 5th birthday!! we didn't have a huge kid party, but we did celebrate it at a pumpkin farm with family (grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins).

it was the first time i have been to a pumpkin farm since a field trip back in kindergarten. since my memory was alwasy a bit hazy from my kindergarten days, the only thing i ever remembered about the pumpkin farm was the field of pumpkins. this is probably why every year when adam and i talk about going to the pumpkin farm, we never actually followed through. i could just about kick myself for passing up the opportunities for all these years, because, when we were there, i was blown away by all the rides and activies for the kids! there were pony rides, camel rides, a haunted house, hay rides, petting zoo, corn maze...just to name a few things! i didn't get too many pics, because i wanted to really enjoy the day with lucy, elliot, and my nieces, but here are a few from the party...

there's the birthday girl wearing the "birthday crown" she made at school.

ok, so i know how cheesy it is to take pictures of your kids in front of giant wooden characters, but it's what lucy wanted to we did it. can you believe the clouds that day?

lucy and her cousin running through the tunnel, probably one of my favs of the day.

"one minnute"

CAMEL RIDES?!? at a pumpkin farm?!? sign me up!

a closer look at they raced passed

what kind of a lucky birthday girl gets to ride a pony on her birthday?!? THIS ONE!

on top of rides and activities, there were oodles of wooden trains, firetrucks, and other things for the kids to play on.

adam: "taking pictures is so easy! see! i could totally be a photographer, too!"
i could critique this, but i won't, because no matter what the quality looks like, lucy looks always!

my baby, my first born, my only girl is now 5 years old, in school, and impressing me on a daily basis!! happy birthday lucy!! i love you for now and for always!!!

P.S. updates and blog posts coming soon. including: jr and jessica's wedding, and marty and sherah's photo session.

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Anonymous said...

my apamatatorure was too slow.

marcia tumminaro said...

adam, that's not even an actual thing. but i'll give you an A for effort!

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