Friday, October 3

hello, class! i'm your teacher, mrs. tumminaro!

Friday, October 3

today is the day! the butterflies in my belly are fluttering, my palms are slightly moist, and my mind is racing a mile a minute! today is the day i teach my first photography class at my daughter's school!

it's a 3-week course for 10-13 year olds, and i am a bundle of excitement...and nerves. i've never taught in front of a class before, and definitely not for kids like these! my daughter goes to an AMAZING secular private school, and the kids at her school...well, there's no way i can describe the amount of intellegence and maturity in each and every student. they're not mindless kids who hear facts and remember them just long enough to pass the next test. they are kids who are active participants in their own education, and as a result excell at any endeavor. i've never been to a school and seen so many genuinely happy, smiling, friendly faces on every single student!

i am so excited to be doing something for this school and with these students! they haven't had any photography courses or programs in the past, so i've been given a great opportunity to introduce them to something they haven't yet been introduced to, and show them a piece of why i am so passionate about it!!

ok, i'm starting to get a little emotional because this really means a lot to me, so i'm just going to say again how thrilled i am to have this opportunity, and i hope i can do this school justice!! even though my daughter has only been attending for a couple months, i have fallen in love with this school and their theories on education!! i hope to send my children there for years to come!

wish me luck! : )

on a side note, i want to encourage everyone to register to vote! whether you're for democratic candidate obama, republican candidate mccain, or libertarian candidate bob barr, this is one of THE most important elections in history, and EVERY vote counts!!!

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Lisa said...

Marcia - Brave choice of age category for teaching photography! I used to teach at a local community college, and even a class full of "adults" (term used loosely) needs plenty of poking and prodding to get their creative brains in gear... I can only imagine that same scenario w/ a roomful of 10-13 year olds!
And I can't imagine you'd have to worry about doing the school justice...
Oh, and your photography is beautiful. Glad to have met you on the [B]!

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