Sunday, September 28

john + robin's wedding

Sunday, September 28

some of you may remember john and robin from nikki and miguel's wedding in june.  nikki and robin are sisters, and i am SO glad they both booked me for  their weddings, because i simply adore their friends and family!!  not to mention they were both GORGEOUS brides!!

it's no secret that john and robin are party people!!  so the theme of their wedding was red carpet rockstar mixed with a little las vegas charm!  one of their favors was a scratch-n-win lottery ticket!  [as soon as i saw mine, i quickly ran to my purse to grab a coin...but, i wasn't a winner : ( ] they really went all out, and spent a ton of time on the details!!  it was TOTALLY them!!

below are some pics...
here's a link to a few more:

john is a bit of a class clown, so when he got serious and straight-faced during the ceremony, it turned into an extremely touching moment!

i love nikki's excitement in this photo!

i didn't notice the high-5 at first, but when i did, it made me laugh for like 10 minutes!!

let the toasts begin, and the champagne (and beer) flow!

wow, robin looked simply flawless!

during the reception introductions, 2 of the boys came in...on their hands!!  and it didn't stop at the introductions, they were tearing it up on the dance floor all night!  this is just one of many photos of them showing off their skillz!

i just love this photo!  it's SO robin!  i think there is a photo similar to this from nikki's wedding.  robin just loves to be dipped!

robin is notorious for thinking of ways to spice things up, so instead of having the guests tap their glass to get them to kiss, robin and john set up a rating system.  each guest was given cards that said 1-10, and after each kiss, they would be rated.  well, this table wanted to go a step further, and wrote comments on the back of each card...

there's nikki!  as always, the two sisters gave a hillarious toast!  just like robin and jenny gave at nikki's wedding!

the djs, handing out glow sticks

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when dj's bring their own lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is another one that makes me laugh!  john was on his hands and knees because he was on his way to go fetch himself a garter!

and, he sure found one!

as i mentioned before, there was a red carpet with a "PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR" backdrop!  when the guests were arriving, a couple of robin's friends/family took pictures of the guests in front of the backdrop, just like paparzzi at a real hollywood red carpet!

john and robin, you ROCK!!!  thanks SOOOO much for letting me be a part of your wedding day!!!

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Reef Geek 84 said...

Thout I would leave you a little blog love!!!! You have some really, really good photos...great captures of emotion...

_Brandon Perron

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