Wednesday, September 24

FREE engagement sessions!!

Wednesday, September 24

you read that correct!  but, it comes with one little!

every time i'm in my car, i'm always checking out my surroundings, and more often than not, i see SO many locations that i feel would make for some great shots.  and, a few miles from my house are some amazing spots that i would love to be able to photograph an engagment session.  problem is, most of my clients live in or around the chicago area, and that's 1.5+ hours away from belvidere.  and usually, i just let the bride and groom pick whatever location is meaningful or appealing to them.  but...i reeeeally want to do a session in some of these spots!

so, for a limited time only, i am willing to offer 5 FREE engagement sessions if you book your wedding with me and are willing to travel to belvidere, il!  this offer is also extended to my current brides who haven't yet booked an engagement session, and my past brides who are already married and would like to hang out for another portrait session!

there is also some other great locations in rockford that i pass every day when i take my daughter to school, so the very FIRST couple to contact me will receive additional time to get a few shots around rockford.

so, if you don't mind traveling, or putting the control in my hands (mwa, ha ha), then let me know, and i really think we could rock it out with some awesome shots!  (the places i have in mind are a little grittier, and a cross between an urban and country feel.  if you'd like to google map it, the areas are: pleasant st. to state st. in belvidere, and auburn st. to n. main st. in rockford.)

i should probably put an expiration date on this offer,'s say it's good until the end of november!  how does that sound?

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