Tuesday, September 23

clint + angela's wedding

Tuesday, September 23

i was so thrilled to photograph clint and angela's wedding!!  i laughed, i cried, and i had a BLAST!  clint and angela have known each other for most of their lives, and were technically already married when they walked down the aisle.  they had a very simple ceremony in their home prior to their wedding day, because they felt strongly it was the right thing to do in accordance with their faith.  So, before their ceremony began, there was a slideshow of photos from their lives, culminating in photos from their home ceremony.
below are some photos, and you can see more here: http://marciatumminaro.com/weddings/clint+angela/

very first shot of the day.

i think angela looks truly angelic in this photo!  i LOVE freckles, and she has the perfect amount of them!

can you believe that itty bitty waist?

she was stunning!

everyone enjoying the slideshow

angela watched the slideshow from the church lobby

they both wrote their own vows, there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

the light was absolutely delicious!!

one of my favorites of the day

just after being all bustled

ok, angela's sister was the maid of honer, and gave one of THE best toasts i have ever heard!  first thing she did when she got up there was give them an actual piece of toast.  then, she got a little comfortable and took off her shoes.  she had EVERYONE on the floor laughing, then the next minute crying!  (including me!)  she is a truly amazing woman!

no one can resist baby corn

this makes me laugh every time!

clint's friends began rapping to some old school jams!  it was TIIGHT!

clint and angela snuck out before the reception actually ended...you guys are soo sneaky!!

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jessica said...

wow, those pictures are phenomenal! i love the prep shots and the bride and groom portraits.

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