Saturday, August 23

richard + jemea (a.k.a. ric + mea)

Saturday, August 23

just finished richard and jemea's wedding photos, and boy oh boy was it a spectacular one! jemea should be a professional wedding planner, because she did a phenomenal job planning her wedding. the colors were so deep and rich, her dress was classic and form fitting, and the little touches were fabulously vintage! not to mention she looked absolutely, amazingly flawless!

check out more pics here:

first shot of the day...i loved the wallpaper in the bathroom!

hello! there i am in the mirror. i love this pic, because you get a bit of almost everyone.

oh so gorgeous!!

you could just feel their love every time they looked at each other!

of course i had to make martini-themed ring shots, since it was a cocktail themed reception!

ric and mea, thank you so much for letting me photograph your wedding!

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