Saturday, September 6

brian + monica's wedding

Saturday, September 6

brian and monica are an incredible couple! this was my first destination wedding, and i had such a great time, not to mention a nice little mini vacation with my husband, who came with me and hung out in the hotel while i had a blast photographing brian and monica's wedding!

here are some pics. you can check out more here:

i used a little radial lens blur for this one

they all wore flip flops...AWESOME!

probably one of my favorites of the day!

i'm so glad they suggested this spot to me, because when i saw it, i just thought it was a swampy, marshy area. the natural colors were simply yummy!

another one of my favs. these guys were great, totally GQ!

this guy was amazing! he played amazing! he sang amazing! and his song selections were PERFECT! i admit i got a little teary eyed.

can you believe those clouds? i admit that i vignetted this a little, but those clouds were real, and they gave this incredible starburst type effect!

love this moment!

ok, monica is just adoreable!

ok, another fav of the day!

we slipped away when the lighting was a bit better

more radial lens blur

CONGRATULATIONS brian and monica!!!

thank you so much for letting me be your photographer! i definitely enjoyed photographing you guys...not to mention the mini-vacation!!

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Jeremy Arnold said...

Awesome Work. I love your post processing on these images!

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