Saturday, August 23

ric + mea SNEAK PEAK

Saturday, August 23

i'm just about finished with richard and jemea's photos, so while i'm finishing up, here's a little sneak peak of their VA VA VA VOOM wedding!

mia was her own florist! absolutely gorgeous!

i told you she was va va va voom! she looked like a page out of a 1930's bridal magazine! her make-up was flawless...courtesy of herself!

first look before the ceremony.

golden back light, always gorgeous!

her jewelry only added to the vintage charm of their romantic wedding! this is definitely one of my favs!!

i hope you enjoyed this sneak peak. more from their wedding, and brian and monica's destination wedding very soon!

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Fashion DNA Boutique said...

These are phenomenol. The flowers are amazing!!!!! Is contact info avail for Jemea's services? I'd love to have her in my rolodex!!!! wow!! classy couple!!

Suite B said...

Just saw your link from and I had to come check them out and I'm loving your pics they are so NICE and you look so happy

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