Wednesday, August 20

bustin in out...OLD SCHOOL!

Wednesday, August 20

ok, so i've been pretty busy with weddings, and getting my daughter ready for school. so, while i'm busy working, i wanted to share with you some of my work from way, way, way back in the day. i took photography all throughout high school, and the other day i found some of my matted photos. these were just a few of them. (my 2 absolute favorites were much too big to fit on my scanner, so i'll have to show those off another day.)

this first one is a double exposure. it was created by shooting the role of film once, then re-rolling, and re-using that same role of film again, shooting over the first image, so both images are combined on the same negative. the two images in this shot is one of my friends, and a shot of a street gutter:

this is a picture of my brother in front of our house, but when i printed it out, i used a solarization effect by developing the print slightly different than normal.

this last one was taken during a photography field trip to starved rock. probably one of my first times using lines, angles, and perspective.

obviously my style has grown bunches from my high school days, but even after all these years, i still enjoy some of my work from long, long ago...not to mention, i am still in LOVE with photography!!!

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