Monday, July 7

j.r. + jessica's engagement

Monday, July 7

i was really excited to photograph j.r. and jessica's engagement photos, because i'll be photographing their wedding in a couple months, and this gave me an opportunity to get to know them a little better, and vise versa. i had such a GREAT time with them! not only were they fun and relaxed, but they picked one of the best spots in chicago for their session! we started out at the art institute at 7:30 AM, right when the sculpture gardens opened. then we moved on to millennium park. since we were there so early the place was practically empty, which was GREAT! then at the end of the shoot, we all kicked off our shoes and socks and splashed around in the water a bit!

all in all it was sooo much fun!! and i can't wait for their wedding!

here's the engagement website and some pics:

jessica looked absolutely flawless!

i absolutely loved that tree!

i took a few from above like this, and i really like how they came out!

this was a great sculpture in millennium park

underneath the bean

the midget door!! one of my favorite spots of the day!!!!

my other fav spot of the day

her ring is absolutely gorgeous and unique! love it!!

ok, so i wanted to have them lay in a patch of flowers or clovers, but due to some light rain everything was a bit wet, so we totally lucked out with this spot which had a perfect cement square for them to lay down on.

i love this one, the sky is so bright and blue!

ok, here was the fun splashing around part! at the end, we were all pretty soaked. and i got quite a work out trying to hold a crouched position on the balls of my feet. lucky for everyone the camera stayed perfectly dry!

well, that was a great warm up for their main event!

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Melissa said...

Beautiful images as always!

denise mcbride said...

HAHAHA! Midget Door!! You really have a talent for taking lovely photos!

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