Tuesday, July 1

jeffrey + sylvia's wedding

Tuesday, July 1

well, jeffrey and sylvia's wedding took a little longer than expected to process, because it was my highest photo count to date!! I had such amazing subjects that after a while my camera had a mind of it's own. great for jeffrey and sylvia, since they get 1900 wedding photos, but not so great for me, since that means i have to go through 1900+ photos! : )

jeff and sylvia's paris engagement story (yes, he proposed in PARIS!!) was just a foreshadow for their incredibly intimate and romantic ceremony and reception at the renaissance hotel. everything was absolutely gorgeous, and to top it all off, the guests were able to watch the sunset while dining at the reception. it was absolutely amazing!

thanks again jeff and sylvia for allowing me to take part in your incredibly beautiful special day!!

if you're interested in getting a taste of the day, check out the wedding website:

sylvia has a beautiful profile

they had an amazing window that i put the dress in front of. it looks almost translucent. the dress was amazing!!

i loved the angle on this one

the flower girl was such a cutie!!!!

loooove it!!

she belongs in magazines, don't you think?

i absolutely loved these bouquet shots!

could you tell it was a little sunny out? those guys were real troopers!

i loved all his facial expressions!!


i love, love, love this one of the groom's sister during the ceremony!

at sunset we ran up to the rooftop pool and got some great shots with the gorgeous colored sky in the background.

aw, this one is soo cute!

i absolutely love this one.

jeff and sylvia, you guys are amazing! thanks again, and i wish you both a lifetime of happiness...and many safe trips too all the various countries you're bound to visit around the world!

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Amy said...

Simply breathtaking! Sylvia and Jeff are a smart couple to have chosen you!

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