Friday, June 27

wedding photography advice for brides

Friday, June 27

Dear Brides:

If you are planning your wedding, here is some advice about photography...

A dream wedding would probably include a photographer like [b]ecker or jessica claire. But, sometimes your wedding budget might now allow for one of them, or for a paid photographer at all! If this is the case there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how to record your special day's events. Your first idea may be to have a friend or family member photograph your wedding. At first this may seem like a great idea, but more often then not, the photos you'll end up with may not turn out exactly how you wanted.

So, in order to make sure that you'll get the wedding photos that you've always wanted, no matter who takes them remember these tips:

1. Let your friend/family member know what you're looking for. Give them examples of photos, or send them to websites of some really great or interesting professional photographers. ;)

2. Make sure they have a decent camera, and that they know how to use it. A great photo consists of good/high quality image in addition to one that has nice composition. If they're planning to take photos with their camera phone, or a disposable camera, chances are the outcome isn't going to look very desirable. The best type of digital camera would be at least 6.0 MP, and allow them to have some zoom adjustment. If they're using a film camera, make sure they have some zoom adjustment, and get high quality film of various film speeds. The very best camera they could have/use would be a film or digital SLR camera. There are many online resources for taking a better photo, Kodak has some simple tips you can direct your friend photographer to. One way to make sure they'll do the job...PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

3. Good photographs require a good photographer AND a good model/subject! You could have the best photographer in the world, but if you freeze up in front of the camera, your pictures aren't going to look very good. So, while your family/friend photographer is researching how to take the pictures, you should be researching and practicing how to have your picture taken. Some brides I've met studied her favorite bridal magazines and practiced expressions in the mirror. Other brides watched America's Next Top Model for modeling tips and ideas. Both are great resources. Again...PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

4. Make sure you say "THANK YOU!" Whether you're paying them or if they're doing it for free, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them! Don't dictate to them, ignore them, or make them feel like your employee all day. Wedding photography is an art form, and as such a photographer in a good mood produces more creative, and ultimately better photos than one who feels unappreciated. So, if you take a few minutes throughout the day to say "Thanks again for doing this!" or "You're doing such a good job, and we really appreciate it!" you'll put your friend photographer is a wonderful mood, with a desire to do even better! Also, taking photos all day IS hard work, and a little thank you can make all the difference!

Well, as much as I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to photograph your wedding, it's understandable that not every bride can afford a professional photographer. But, if you follow the above tips, have your family/friend photographer practice before the wedding, and keep them in a good mood all day, hopefully you'll still have photos that you'll be able to cherish forever!

Good Luck!!

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