Tuesday, June 24

john + kristin's wedding

Tuesday, June 24

kristin and john are from indiana, and they are both english teachers there, not to mention insanely fun and laid back!! and since kristin was laughing or smiling all day, it made my job of capturing real moments that much easier!

well, i guess the universe is wishing every wedding in june good luck, because when the outside reception began, it started to drizzle a little bit. not too much to be concerned about. but to prove that it only came to give them luck, an enormous rainbow appeared right over us!! it's been a while since i've seen a rainbow like that! (at least a decade). so, if i wasn't already sure that these two were an awesome couple who were meant to be together, that rainbow closed the deal!

here's the wedding website of some of the photos:

i love the look in this one!

this cake looked sooo yummy!

we were standing in the perfect spot for lens flare from the sun!

i love, love, love this one!!

i think kristin was laughing or giggling all day!

maybe one of my favorite pics of "the kiss"

i love the way the sun hits them in this one!

oh my gosh!! this one is definitely in my top 10 bridal party pics of all time!!!!


ok, i know i used the totally rad old school action a lot, but i LOVE the way it makes moments like these look!

she was looking for the john and kristin before their introductions

ok, seriously though, john and kristin were soo much fun!

i love the look in this one!

yep! it started raining a bit at the begining of the reception, but only for a minute, then this rainbow appeared!

i absolutely loved the way her hair photographed!

kristin with her father. they knew how to cut a rug!

john and his mother

ok, so aparently john and his buddy spent their college years dancing to michael jackson. which they busted out to billie jean during the reception. it was definitely a highlight of the night, and extremely well done and entertaining!!

john and kristin, much like the universe, i wish the both of you a lifetime of love and happiness!!

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Nicola said...

I love, love, love, love your style!! Each wedding of yours I see you get better and better! Keep up the amazing work!

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