Monday, July 28

geek sneak peek

Monday, July 28

ok, so, most of my clients aren't really aware that i'm a total geek! and i have my husband to blame for most of it. before i met him, you never would have caught me watching star trek, or reading sci-fi books, or anything like that. now, thanks to him, i am a total, 100%, geek...and very proud of it!

so about a year ago, my husband heard that they were turning one of his favorite sci-fi book series (The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind) into a TV mini series. he said that i was not allowed to watch it until i had read the first book (at least), in case they totally botched it. plus movie versions are never as good at the original book, since they can't capture the tiny nuances books do. well, as with everything my husband urges me to do, i fought it at first. then (again, as always), i loved it, and became obsessed. i've only had time to read the first 3 books of the series, but they are amazing and tackle subjects from a more philosophical point of view. (I LOVE THAT ABOUT THE BOOKS!)

well, when they started casting and shooting for the series, i was on almost every day trying to get the latest bit of information. (i said i was a geek!).

finally, the wait is almost over. the trailer was released at Comic Con last week, and although it's still a little difficult to see the actors in the roles of the characters that look so differently in my head, it looks brilliantly done. (similar to lord of the rings effects and cinematography.) absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking!!!! they changed the name from "wizard's first rule" to "legend of the seeker", and the first episode is 2 hours long on nov. 1, so i am SO SO SO SO stoked!!

anyone who is interested in science fiction fantasy, you should check it out:

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marcia tumminaro said...

for the record: this show is NOTHING AT ALL like the books! and although adam and i have been watching it every week, every episode infuriates us more and more!! so, if by some chance you've never read the books, and you LIKE the show, i would HIGHLY suggest that you pick up the books, because they are AWESOME, and you will most likely LOVE the books!!!

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