Wednesday, July 30


Wednesday, July 30

ok, so this is a cliche photographer blog entry. i'm sure i'm not the first to post one, and i certainly wont be the last.

i'm not here to say that 1 is necessarily better than the other. they are very different, and they produce very different images. (not to mention that 1 requires at least triple the memory cards). they each have their pros and cons.

currently, i shoot solely in jpeg. my reason has more to do with file size, than a jpeg preference. i photograph thousands of photos at a single wedding, and even (7) 4GB cards isn't enough space for 1 wedding in raw. however, the benefits would definitely warrant an investment in more memory cards, (especially since they now have 16GB and 32GB cards.)

i decided to do a quick experiment today. i took my **NEW** camera out today for some play time. as always, my first subject with any new camera or lens is always my daughter! today, she decided to take some pics of me as well. (don't be surprised if marcia tumminaro photography become marcia tumminaro and daughter photography in 10-15 years) ok, anyway i set the camera to L+RAW, so that i could really see if there is any immediate and visible difference between the 2.

here is the result:

NOTE: photos are strait out of the camera. they lost a little bit of their quality when i made the animated gif. but, for the most part that is exactly how the original images look.

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