Thursday, July 24

ellis + brown family portrait

Thursday, July 24

i just adore megan, barrett and megan's parents! i photographed megan and barrett's engagement session back in november, but unfortunately they weren't able to book me for their oklahoma wedding. so, instead, as a gift for their parents, they gave them all gift certificates for a family portrait session with me!

they were all such fun to work with, especially megan! i'm fairly certain she has magical hair or something, because her hair was perfectly wind-blown and shining from the sun in just about every picture!

here are some photos:

megan and her mom:

see what i mean about her magical hair?

the new mr. and mrs. ellis. (congrats, guys!!)

we had to check the map to see what places would be best. megan's dad was voted navigator.

she had to stop and smell the lavendar

ok, so i couldn't pass up this field of flowers without getting some shots of megan "frolicking" it it. i think they turned out beautiful!

on an unrelated side note, i just bit the bullet and ordered a brand new canon 5d! if you're keeping track that means that i will have purchased 2 brand new cameras in 6 months, with a total of 3 in my bag. this either means i'm very smart...or very not-so-smart. i haven't figured out which.

this also means that i'll have a used canon 350D with battery grip for since it's 2 years old. if anyone's interested, let me know.

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