Wednesday, April 16

first female biggest loser

Wednesday, April 16

ok, so i'm a big biggest loser fan. partly because i, myself, have been working out, and lost 20 pounds, but also because it's a great show, and a great source of information and inspiration! i think this year's season was the most intense of any i've seen so far. for most of it, the competition seemed to be more between the trainers, than the contestants. and probably the most intense rivalry of any show to date! now, i have always been a huge jillian fan, because i think her trainees always have the most drastic results. so, as usual, i rooted for the black team, especially since they were the underdogs of the season, and i LOVE the underdog!

all that being said, thanks to the crazy twists and turns of the season, a female was crowned biggest loser for the first time since the show began! it's always empowering when a woman can succeed in a male dominated arena!

hooray for all the females in the house!!

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