Tuesday, July 13

etsy love: vintage brooch bouquets

Tuesday, July 13

i love etsy...i mean who doesn't?!?  etsy is one of THE BEST resources for handmade or vintage...anythings!

after james and tiffany's detailed extravaganza of a wedding, filled with things from etsy, it got me thinking, what other unique ideas can etsy offer brides??

ENTER: vintage brooch bouquets!!!!

from the second i saw one on etsy, i KNEW it was an idea that had to be shared with any and every bride-to-be! every single brooch bouquet is unique (BONUS), since they are made from vintage brooches. and, rather than having a bouquet of flowers that dies after a few days, this bouquet would easily last long past your 50th wedding anniversary!

here's a few examples of what i'm talking about:

this bouquet is full of fun and whimsy, and can be found here from the shop of hairbowswonderworld:

this one is also from hairbowswonderworld, and it can be found here:

i just love the sweet and romantic feel of this one, found here in the shop of Noaki:

in doing some more research about brooch bouquets, i stumbled upon this blog which had loads of images of all SORTS of bouquets!!
this one stood out as my favorite from that blog:

thank you etsy! once again you've shown that you are THE resource for fantastical ideas!!!

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Mary Marantz said...

the second one is gorgeous!!

marcia tumminaro said...

yeah, i think that one could probably pass for a bouquet of ACTUAL flowers from far away! :)

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