Monday, May 31

james and tiffany: belvedere chateau, wedding photography

Monday, May 31

i've said it before, and i'll say it again...i simply love weddings!!!  it's the day a couple begins building their new life together, surrounded by their closest friends and family.  and while i'm not usually privy to the years building up to that day, i am able to catch a small glimpse as those closest to them share stories, words of wisdom, and well wishes.  so, when i'm picking the photos to blog, what i'm really doing is telling the story of their day through my eyes.  this is the story of james and tiffany...

james and tiffany got ready at her parents house, in separate rooms until the first look!

this is the first of MANY amazing details!  i believe this was an etsy find.

tiffany, you look stunning!!

you GOTTA love these socks!!!!!!  check out the label!  i'm telling you, there was no detail that was overlooked!  (once again, another etsy gem!)

let me tell you, his feet were nice and toasty!  no chance of cold feet there!

i just ADORED his tux!!  he was going to go with pin stripe, but i think he made the right choice with this gray number!

here's james, waiting for his FIRST LOOK at his bride-to-be...

i just LOVED their shoe choices!!!!

they were married at the belevere chateau in palos hills, and it was simply breathtaking!  it was elegant and regal with a touch of rustic appeal.  amazing!!!

:)  i don't remember what he was gesturing about, but it makes me smile nonetheless.

luckily i was aware of this next part, because when he came with the second banner, he RAN down that aisle, and gave me just enough time to snag 1 pic!  :)  once again...another detail that added some extra personality to the ceremony!  i LOVED it!

this is another one of my favorite little moments from the ceremony!  james did this right after they were pronounced man and wife!  :)

when i say the belvedere chateau was elegant and regal, i mean it!  they entered the reception like royalty!

another part of the day that had my eyes welling up was the TOASTS!!  they passed the mic around to everyone and anyone who had a few memories to share, wisdom to impart, or just to wish them well.  and there were MANY well wishers!!  it gave that much more insight into james and tiffany as a couple, and the love and support they've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by!  and if my count was correct, there were 22 people who took the mic!  this is just one of my favorite shots...

they also had an extremely talented friend serenade everyone.  and for his second number, he sang A CAPELLA!!

and can i just say...I LOVED THEIR CAKE!!!

before i end this post, credit needs to be given to james and tiffany for the immense thought and effort that went into all the details of their wedding...(and a nod to etsy for being a GREAT resource for wedding details).  here's a collage of some of the details:

BEST OF Slideshow

special thanks to james, tiffany, and their friends/family for making jen and i feel extremely welcome, and for letting us be a part of your day! we wish you guys THE BEST!!!

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Please do my wedding! Gorgeous

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thank you brittany, i would love to!

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