Monday, June 7

a carnival, a rose parade, and fun times...oh my!

Monday, June 7

this past weekend was the annual carnival and rose parade in roselle (a.k.a. "tumminaroville"), so we packed up the kids, the dogs, and my cameras, and headed out to enjoy the festivities.

this was one of elliot's favorite rides...

since elliot's desire to try new rides was slightly lacking, lucy and i rode the spinning dragon-belly ride together.  she REALLY loved it!  the expressions on her face are of genuine excitement!!

that's elliot's "mommy, stop taking pictures of me!" face.  i actually don't get it too often, but when i do, it's priceless!  oh, and you see that mark on his nose?  it's from a nose-dive into corner of the coffee table.  nothing too serious, but it was quite the mini-crisis at the time.
(word of wisdom: NEVER even whisper the word "blood" when a child is bleeding!  the moment they know they're bleeding the freak-out goes from 1 to 1,000 in under 3 seconds!)

at the carnival, we played the duck game, and each of them won a stuffed dog!

after the carnival, we headed to adam's parent's house and played outside in their gorgeously green backyard!

favorite elliot-swinging picture!

ok, listen up because i gotta brag for a second (i'm a mommy, so i'm allowed)...LUCY TAUGHT HERSELF TO PLAY LONDON BRIDGE ON THE PIANO!  and she ACTUALLY READS the sheet music!!!  she's 6, has never had a piano lesson, and she taught herself to play a song on the piano!!!!!!!  i mean...WHAT?!?  she's flippin' amazing!!!  :D

(see the sheet music for london bridge?)

i just LOVE elliot's tiny little feet!

elliot definitely loves his baby cousin, but i'm not sure he was enjoying being squashed by her.  check out his expression!

i'm not a sports fan.  and when i met adam, one of the qualities i loved about him was that...neither was he!  but he IS an eve player.  and yesterday was the eve equivalent of the playoffs that lead up to the superbowl.  so, he was following the battle updates all day via his cell phone!  and you know was kind of adorable.  :)

it may just be me, but adam kinda looks superhero-ish in this photo!

the parade was LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!  and elliot doens't deal too well with LOUD noises.  so luckily lucy and elliot's uncle came prepared with sound-dampening headphones!  elliot wore them most of the parade.

in the car ride home, i had my camera in my lap, looking through all the photos of the weekend, and decided to take ONE more!

what an extraordinary weekend!

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