Friday, January 15

[belated] happy new year, and 2010 catalog

Friday, January 15

it's already 1/2 way through the first month of the new year, and i'm finally getting a chance to post!

i hope everyone had a happy and healthy new year!!! this was quite a busy holiday season, with all the xmas parties, elliot's new star wars and lego star wars obsessions, creating a new and fresh 2010 catalog, lucy's first visit from the tooth fairy, as well as a recent death the in the family. (the patriarch of the tumminaro empire peacefully passed away.)

but, life goes on!

and with that, i'd like to show you my brand, spanking new catalog!
(click here to view full size)

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Sherah said...

Marcia, this is fantastic! Nice and clear, beautifully laid out--love it!

Rensche van Dyk said...

WOW Marcia, you are really creative! love all the stuff on your blog:)

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