Monday, December 21

handmade DIY gifts...

Monday, December 21

now that each gift has been opened by their perspective recipient, i wanted to share the gifts i made, because i LOVED making them, i LOVED how they turned out, and the recipients LOVED them too!

first up, the HARDEST to make...
each cube is 3/4", and it's 5 blocks x 5 blocks TIMES 6 sides!!!  (you can see why making these took me ALL day!)  also, it should be stated that the images were chosen for their a)funny factor and/or b)vintage appeal.  and just so they knew that these were custom-created puzzle blocks, we added one of our favorite bobbi+mike photos for good measure!  :)

next up, a slightly simpler version...
these were a little easier to make, but still quite time consuming.  each cube is 1".  i've already got demands from lucy and elliot to make a few of the 1" block ones for them. :)

and last, but not least, another 1" set...
(my favorite from this one is definitely the bing crosby side!  it capture the old school feeling i was going for PERFECTLY!!)

if you're wondering how to make your own, here's the website that inspired adam to show to me which inspired me to create these fun and personal gifts...
dime store games by MARTHA STEWART [who else is there for do-it-yourself awesome ideas??]

p.s. and it's not too late to whip up a few of these bad boys, and sneak them under the xmas tree! ;)

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Betsy King said...

Wow, these are so cool!

BTW, I can't believe I haven't said hello before. You are a fellow Bobbi and Mike Family!!! HI! My son is Miles, he's been on Bobbi's site a few times and she's a dear friend of mine. Great blog!!!

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