Saturday, December 5

getting into the holiday season!

Saturday, December 5

we started decorating the house the day after thanksgiving, because lucy and elliot just could NOT wait any longer to put up the tree! usually we AT LEAST wait until december 1st, but this year, we caved!

so, with the decorations up, and the first snowfall on the ground, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!! :)

so, i snagged some pics this morning before the sun came up.

as you can see, we decorate our tree in a mixture of ornaments given to us when we were kids (notice the "Marcia 1988" apple ornament, given to me when i started kindergarten), ornaments we've made ourselves (such as the red ball with the stars on it and the heart with a picture of lucy on it), and ornaments that are annually given to the kids (i.e. the strawberry shortcake and the easter bunny-looking carousel ornament right above her). it may not look very martha stewart, but each ornament holds a special memory to me, so i LOVE my tree!! :)

one year we'll actually hide the pickle ornament and give a special present for the one who finds it...but not this year.

our "fireplace" is great for holidays, because it's the perfect place for decorations! and this year, we really loaded it up!

i love the way the banister looks decorated with lights and garland!!

happy decorating this year!!

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