Wednesday, November 18

i'm 27!!

Wednesday, November 18

(that was me!)

with 2 handmade cards (by lucy and elliot), breakfast-in-bed, [meatless] sushi and a shopping spree with adam and the kids planned for tonight, not to mention last weekends' birthday-buffet bash for me at adam's parent's house and an evening hanging out with close friends whom i haven't seen in ages, it's been a pretty PERFECT celebration of my 27th year of life!!!

the feeling of being loved by those around me has filled me up so much that it's spilling out everywhere!! you can't tell, but i'm grinning from ear to ear right now!!! :)

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Sherah said...

Happy birthday, Marcia!! Love the picture--you were such a cutie patutie :D Have a great day!

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