Thursday, November 12

my big brother is the big 3-0!

Thursday, November 12

i am the youngest of 3 kids, and the only girl!

which means i grew up as the bratty little sister to 2 big brothers. :) brian, "the middle child", on the left, and scott, "the oldest" on the right.

well, today is my brother, brian's 30TH birthday!



this was him before i was born (and possibly one of my favorite photos of him)

there are times when elliot looks a LOT like my brother!

i just can't believe he's 30! i mean, i still have vivid memories of how he used to make me laugh so hard that i would have to bolt down the hallway to the bathroom! a feat that we don't get to duplicate very often, since he lives in florida.

here's another favorite photo of him and me!

(i'm the little one in the blue)


we love, and miss, you terribly up here in illinois! i hope you did decide to take today off, and enjoy your birthday right! :)

oh, and when i was little i would get so excited for my brother's birthday, because it meant that my birthday was less than 1 week away!! :)

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