Thursday, November 5

james + tiffany: navy pier engagement session!

Thursday, November 5

i had such an amazing time with james and tiffany, and soooo many favorites from our session!!

it must be showcased that chicago is SPLENDID in autumn!!

definitely a favorite!!  (i told james it was his JOB to keep making tiffany smile and laugh...and he did GOOD!)


another FAVORITE!!!!

so, as you can see they are both wearing a TIFFANY'S shade of blue...and the name on that blue ship in the background....JAMES!!!  perfect?  DEFINITELY!!

at some point, the topic of ANTM and smizing got brought up.  (yep...i'm a fan!!)  james and i kept saying that tiffany was a natural in front of the camera...well, i think it needs to be pointed out that JAMES was pretty amazing, too!  he totally doing some GQ smizing!!!

tiffany is such a natural beauty!

love this one, too!!

when we found this little place we were ACTUALLY looking for the beach!  well, since i've only  been to navy pier once before, and james hasn't been there since he was a kid...we never quite made it to the beach.  i'm pretty sure we took a wrong turn somewhere, but no worries.  we TOTALLY "made it work"!!  and i'm so glad, too, because i LOVE how these seaside shots turned out!!

tiffany was quite good at smizing, too!!  ;)

i'm super proud of this shot!!

james and tiffany BOTH have gorgeous, out-of-this-world cheekbones!!!

james: hard at WORK making tiffany laugh!

watching these two interact was so inspiring, but i'm pretty sure all i could saw was "awwwwwwwww!"

click here to view more from their session!

also, i just downloaded the free beta version of lightroom 3! (totally legal...for the record). this version of lightroom FINALLY offers the option of exporting a slideshow in VIDEO format. (in the past, you could make slideshows, but only export them in pdf format...not very blog-friendly).

well, i was playing around with it, and i created a video slideshow of these blog photos! since i've never really played around with the lightroom slideshow feature (since it wasn't very useful in previous version), this is like a first test-run.


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Cassie Schott said...

So many great shots! Cute couple! :)

Lana DenHarder said...

Very cool locations!

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