Sunday, August 9

salvatore+maridia's baptism

Sunday, August 9

once upon a time i decided i wanted to start my own photography business! so, i started out by photographing my brother's wedding on the beaches of florida. a few months later, based on those photos, i received an email from frank and carmel! they knew i didn't have much experience, but decided to take a chance on me for their wedding! they were some of my first clients. before their wedding, frank (who is also a wedding DJ) began organizing a wedding open house. he invited me to showcase myself and my work, and encouraged me to meet brides, as well as some of the other vendors that they had hired for their own wedding. it was my first taste of the industry as a whole, and i met a lot of great brides, and talented vendors. frank and carmel definitely hold a special place in my heart, and have helped me in more ways that i can say!

cut to a few years later, frank and carmel become TWINS!!!! a handsome little boy, and a beautiful baby girl! so, when the time came for their baptism, frank called me up to document the twins' momentous spiritual birth into the church.

salvatore and maridia were calm and quiet through the whole ceremony. they looked so sweet and content!

i was told that their rosaries were blessed by the pope!

i love baby hands!!! :)

and i love flailing baby arms!! (salvatore was doing that quite a bit. i wonder if it was his way of saying "hallelujah", or maybe he was just saying "hi" to me. :) either way, he was too cute!!!)

there's salvatore's arms again!! (LOVE this one!)

salvatore's baptism...

i love this one too!!

maridia's baptism...

i love how carmel is looking to the sky, and maridia is raising her hand to the sky as well! (another favorite!)

maridia looked like a little angel!

frank, carmel, salvatore, and maridia all together!

there's salvatore's arm again!! (i know, i know, so many arm photos of salvatore. but, i just can't help myself!)

salvatore and maridia, with their godparents!

and check out this cutie patootie! (she was the flower girl at frank+carmel's wedding.) but don't let that sweet face fool you, she'll be getting her black belt real soon! :)

click here to see some more photos from salvatore and maridia's baptism.

thank you again frank and carmel...for EVERYTHING!!!

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