Saturday, August 8

mark+nicole's fairy tale wedding

Saturday, August 8

mark and nicole...where do i begin?!?

first of all, it must be mentioned that it was an absolute TREAT for me to photograph a wedding that was close by to my home, and didn't require over an hour of driving!! :) i met up with nicole at their hotel/reception site (Lexington Hotel/Cliff Breakers) in rockford, just around the corner from lucy's school! but that was just the BEGINNING of their amazing wedding plans. since their ceremony was about 40 minutes away from their reception site, they decided to rent a PARTY BUS!!! not ONLY did it save me the gas and stress of driving all by myself, but it provided tons and TONS of great photo opportunities...some of which have been censored for the blog (but don't worry nicole, you'll get ALL of 'em!!) ;) on TOP of that, their reception hall had WINDOWS GALORE!!!! they did an excellent job planning every single detail of their wedding to make it a fairy tale dream come true...and it showed!!!

their hotel room was 2 floors! so nicole BRILLIANTLY thought of the idea to hang her dress from the second floor before i got there!

i love the pink gerber daisies (duh), but ALSO the sparkles everywhere!!!

LOVE this one!!

alright, are you ready for a crazy wedding story? about 15 minutes before we all had to load ourselves onto the party bus, one of the bridesmaids comes into the room in a little bit of a panic. it seems that her zipper got off its track somehow, and it wouldn't zip up OR down...and her whole back was exposed! so, we all tried and tried and tried with NO luck! it just would NOT BUDGE!! so, as a last resort, another bridesmaid called down to the front desk to see if there was anyone who could help us out. a few minutes later this gentleman came and knocked on the door. it turns out, his mother was a seamstress, so, he worked his magic on that zipper....and VOILA! a snip here, and a zip there, and the zipper was back on track!! the fact that it happened was crazy enough, but the fact that the problem was discovered, and rectified in under 15 MINUTES is proof of the fairy tale magic of the day! (oh, and nicole kept her cool the WHOLE time!!)

THE PARTY BUS!!! (i HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend renting one for your wedding!!!!)

nicole...natural light LOVES the heck outta your skin!!!

that's a 7 month pregnant belly out-of-focus in the background...and i'm SO jealous of how tiny she still was at 7 MONTHS!!!

arrival at krape park in freeport!

oh, yeah! they hired a harp player!!! did i mention that it was a fairy tale wedding?

i love toddlers in tuxes!!!

the bride's been SPOTTED!

DUCKS!!!! :)

there was a little waterfall near their ceremony site, so of COURSE we grabbed some picks near it!!

one of my FAVS! i just love pink flowers!!!!!! :)

PARTY BUS (the censored sequel!)

another favorite!


when mark asked nicole to marry him, he put together a whole cinderella themed propsal! this was the exact glass slipper he used in his proposal!!! (insert "awwwwww!" here) :)

love me some back lighting!!


yes, there was some cake-filled motor-boating action! ;)



this was a genius idea for keeping the kiddos entertained!!!!

the entire bridal party dancing in a huddle!

this is definitely in my top 5 FAVORITE dance floor shots i've ever taken!!

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AJ said...

Excellent job Marcia! I am very impressed with your photos! Mark and Nicole were lucky to have such a creative photog for their wedding! I'm sure they'll love them!

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