Wednesday, August 19

getting dirty with totally rad!

Wednesday, August 19

well, the photoshop gods at totally rad have done it again...but this time they have gone above and beyond what was thought possible by us mere mortals. they have created a photoshop plugin so totally amazing, so totally cutting edge, so totally easy to use, and so TOTALLY RAD...that human words can not describe it!

here is a demo video by the zeus of photoshop himself...doug boutwell:

my jaw dropped, by knees went weak, and my hand inexplicably crept toward my wallet so i could buy the totally rad dirty pictures texture plugin!!! not only have the TRA sets and how-to videos taught me how to use photoshop more creatively, but they have helped me maximize every image that i photograph in a quick and simple way! to say that TOTALLY RAD has revolutionized the photography industry (especially with the addition of the new dirty pictures plugin) would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

sign me up...i am SOLD!

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