Thursday, August 20

first day of kindergarten

Thursday, August 20

well, we all survived lucy's first-day-of-school sendoff. although, my night of sleeplessness lead to a bit of a late start this morning. I planned on getting up at 6:00, set the alarm clock for 5:50, hit the snooze a couple times, and before i knew it the clock read 6:20! but, luckily, i busted out my inner flash gordon, and got lucy AND me showered, dressed, and breakfast'd in 30 minutes FLAT! (a new record in the tumminaro house!)

as is custom, i snapped a few photos of her in front of the house before we headed to the bus stop.

(as you can see, her hair was still wet from the shower she had just 30 minutes prior!)

the house feels a little quieter without lucy, a little calmer, but elliot and i are still missing lucy a whole bunch!

oh, and because elliot hasn't made an appearance in the blog for a while...

< cliche >they grow up so fast!< /cliche >
(yeah, that was a programmer joke)

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Chan Mandy said...

so cute. What lense did you use for this shot?

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