Tuesday, July 7


Tuesday, July 7

i've been slightly distracted the past two weeks or so. for starters (in case you don't follow me on twitter or facebook), my dad had his surgery, and is back home recovering well.

i also had my first taste of what it feels like to be the photographed, (instead of being the photographer) when bobbi+mike drove all the way from indiana to take some fun family photos of adam, the kids, and i. i never knew how much planning actually goes into a session...from the clients point-of-view. anywho, it was so much fun, and bobbi and mike are phenomenal people (oh yeah, not to mention AMAZING photographers!!!!) i'm so excited to see the photos!!!!!!

well, since no blog post is complete without a photo, here's one i took of lucy when i rented a 35mm f/1.4 lens a while ago. (one of the many L-series lenses on my wish list!)

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Sherah said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing well, Marcia! Excited to see the bobbi+mike pictures :)

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